We Offer Fair and Affordable Prices


So everybody could have an opportunity to receive professional maintenance help any time!

Pricing Tables

Check our pricing tables to know what options is right for you.
You can contact our Customer Service representative to calculate approximate price for your project depending on your area and amount of work that needs to be done.

Plan #1


With this option our experts will make an inspection of your electricity and heating system:

switcher and breaker repair;
electrical panel inspection;
ceiling fan inspection and repair;
heating system inspection;
minor troubleshooting.

Plan #2


With this plan you will get such necessary services as plumbing and home maintenance:

repairing faucets and showers;
unclogging sink and toilets;
general inspection of water pipes;
bathroom maintenance;
kitchen maintenance.

Plan #3


Selecting this option means that you’ll receive electrical, plumbing and home maintenance services:

electrical panel inspection;
heating system inspection;
general inspection of water pipes;
kitchen and bathroom maintenance;
outdoor home maintenance;
general troubleshooting.


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